Why do I need it?

The fact that every parent who heard about Postpartum Plan responded with ‘I wish I had this sort of programme when I had my babies’ says it all.  

Imagine if you had the support that you deserve, and that your body needs, to thrive, heal and strengthen postpartum? Imagine if you had a team of experts in your home to help you lay the emotional and physical foundations for a lifetime of parenthood? Imagine if you were treated like any professional athlete 

Women are offered support, love and care throughout pregnancy. However, as soon as we give birth all that focus is diverted to the baby. Whilst our baby is worthy of all this attention, our society has forgotten how to nurture the postpartum mum; this leaves her exhausted from birth, sleep deprived and sometimes physically or emotionally traumatised.

Where our ancestors used to have a village around a new mother to support the family, modern society has lost the ability to care for a new parent the way they truly need. Postpartum Plan has been developed to recreate the feeling of a support team around you; nourishing your physical and emotional needs at a time of rebirth. 

For a woman, labour is one of the biggest physical challenges our body will go through. Our hormones are spiking. From the time the placenta is birthed to when breast milk comes in, a woman’s estrogen and progesterone levels plummet to the levels of a menopausal woman. The process of hormonal rebalancing goes on for months causing mood shifts and extreme highs and lows. And our brains change. That is right; activity increases in regions that control empathy, social interaction and, crucially, anxiety. (It is interesting to know that a man’s brain also changes when he is involved in caregiving so this isn’t just for mums!)

With this shift in brain activity, a woman’s focus has shifted to their new baby meaning that her health and wellbeing takes a back seat. 

One of the greatest acts of love you can give to your baby is investing in your own emotional and physical recovery. As the saying goes ‘if there is a kink in the hose there will be no water for anyone to drink’. By investing in Postpartum Plan you are laying the emotional and physical foundations for a lifetime of parenthood. 

“The most difficult part of birth is the first year afterwards. It is the year of travail – when the soul of a woman must birth the mother inside her. The emotional labour pains of becoming a mother are far greater than the physical pangs of birth; these are the growing surges of your heart as it pushes out selfishness and fear and makes room for sacrifice and love. It is a private and silent birth of the soul, but it is no less holy than the event of childbirth, perhaps it is even more sacred.”

– Joy Kusek