How does it work?

There are 3 components to what we do. 

Postpartum Plan – access to your personal dashboard with all the content you need to recover, heal and feel supported. There are 5 pillars; mindset, reflection, recovery, movement and nutrition. These pillars encompass your emotional and physical wellbeing and provide the support you need in the postpartum period. For each pillar you will have content from our support team, to watch or listen to, at your own pace. 

Postpartum Toolbox – you will be sent a box of goodies to support your recovery and healing postpartum. From a massage ball and pilates ball to a journal and recipe cards; you will have what you need to promote your own self-care. 

Postpartum Village – you will have access to weekly live sessions as well as a Private Facebook Group to meet other like-minded mamas. 

The content has been created to work around you and your baby; you can do the breathing exercises whilst holding or feeding your baby; you can listen to the nutrition podcast whilst on a walk or during that 2am feeding frenzy. 

We have created Postpartum Plan as a daily programme as we believe that pacing the content and providing some structure gives you the feeling of daily support; we want to provide you nurture and care for the long-term! Furthermore: 

  • It takes at least 30 days to form a habit. After that time, looking after YOU will become a subconscious daily act. 
  • Committing to yourself for the long-term will automatically allow your body to believe that you are supporting its recovery; it relaxes, exits fight or flight mode and allows the body’s own amazing self healing process