What is the Postpartum Plan?

Postpartum Plan is a holistic online membership for new parents, laying the emotional and physical foundations for a lifetime of parenthood. It brings together a support team of experts that all new mothers should have access to through their first year postpartum; women’s health physio, yoga and breath-work instructor, nutritionist, postpartum doula and more. From mindset to movement; recovery to recipes, we have you covered.

Postpartum Plan is available from 35 weeks pregnant and all the content is available on your own member dashboard to run through the content at your own speed. In fact, what makes us different to other offerings is our approach to postpartum care. We have created Postpartum Plan as an ongoing programme as we believe that pacing the content and providing structure gives you the benefit of support without overloading you; you are postpartum for life and our content supports you through that first year with everything you need to deal with it physically and emotionally.

This could be a bit of breath-work, a physio exercise, eating something from our recipe cards or journaling for 5 minutes. It does not have to be much – 5 minutes is enough – but it will make the biggest difference to your day and the rest of your postpartum experience.

We are here to support you. Postpartum Plan includes:

  • Women’s Health Physio with exercises to help you heal, stabilise and rehabilitate. Options for abdominal and vaginal birth recovery
  • Postpartum Doula with a Postpartum workbook exclusively created for Postpartum Plan
  • Yoga and breath-work classes to heal you from the inside out
  • Pilates classes to connect back to your body postpartum (all movements safe pre 6 week check)
  • Nutritionist approved recipes and information on the best food to eat postpartum. Options for vegetarian and vegan included
  • Emotional Freedom Technique scripts and videos for you to access at times of need
  • Reflexology techniques to support your body’s own self-healing process
  • Podcast with a GP to teach you about the 6 week check and empower you to make that appointment work for you
  • Access to weekly live sessions, a private Facebook Group and weekly newsletters  to receive further support, classes and a community of like-minded mamas