When a professional athlete injures themselves they get a structured recovery programme; when mothers give birth they leave hospital with their beautiful baby but little else to support their own healing. 

Our recovery pillar provides you with the information you need; how to sit, how to go to the toilet (believe me, this is crucial!), how to support your body after an abdominal and vaginal birth and how to begin your recovery journey. We also provide exercises from our expert women’s health physio to protect, stabilise and, finally, rehabilitate. 

But it isn’t just physical recovery; we also provide emotional recovery too. Whether you suffered with pregnancy insomnia, experienced birth trauma or are finding the adjustment to motherhood difficult, we are here to help. 

We provide techniques that can help you release trapped emotion, relax the body and calm the mind. Our reflexology and EFT videos are accessible at any time you feel you need them. Furthermore, our live sessions will provide you with an opportunity to ask personal (anonymous if preferred) questions to the team.