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Our nutritionist Jess provides delicious, nourishing meals, snacks and smoothies that are quick to make but rich in the nutrients you need postpartum. We provide recipe cards that you can put on your fridge or send to friends and family to make for you. We also provide a nutrition FAQ  to make searching for the right answers easy and simple to do without going down a Google rabbit hole!

Did you know that labour burns 100 calories an hour? And that the process of pregnancy and birth can deplete the mother’s body of vital nutrients to ensure your baby’s health?

Food provides and fuel your body needs to recover, replenish and restore post birth. The right nutrition postpartum is vital for your physical and emotional recovery and your long-term energy levels throughout the lifetime of parenthood. Laying the right foundations in those early days can have a remarkable effect on your recovery in the months and years ahead. However, it is hard to find the right answers when there is so much information on the internet. Our FAQ section gives you all the information you need from a qualified nutritionist so you have everything you need in one place. It can also hard to summon the energy to cook healthy meals when you are exhausted and focussing on your baby. Our recipes have been new-mum approved for their ease and nutritional content but can also be passed on to friends and family to make for you.