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Our Movement pillar is all about connecting back to your body, restorative movement and low impact exercises to heal the body from the inside out. It links movement with mental health, empowering you to become aware of your body and honouring its beauty postpartum. This is not about weight-loss but healing the body and mind through restorative movement that lays the physical foundation to build your strength slowly.

We fundamentally disagree with the current mindset that you do no exercise until the 6 week check and are then signed off to do whatever you want.  We also believe that postpartum exercise has been distorted to create a ‘bounce back’ culture that is damaging physically and emotionally to a new mother. This also creates a stressful relationship with exercise which is counterproductive. Our Movement pillar provides low impact exercises that encourages you to tune into that amazing body of yours and heal from the inside out.