Postpartum Pillars

Postpartum Plan is built on five pillars, Mindset, Movement, Nutrition, Recovery and Reflection.

We have gathered experts within these pillars, a women’s health physio, a yoga and breath-work instructor, a nutritionist, a postpartum doula and more, all ready to help you lay the emotional and physical foundations for a lifetime of parenthood.

This is our approach, this is our movement.



This is an often neglected pillar of recovery in all aspects of our life but even more so postpartum. Our emotional health impacts not only our mental state but our physical well-being, in the short and long-term. Invest in your emotional health and you will be amazed at how it affects your physical health, healing and recovery. 

Our Mindset pillar includes an introduction to EFT, emotional freedom technique, as well as how you can use this technique in your daily life. 

It also includes breath-work. Isn’t it amazing that the one thing that we do subconsciously has the power to heal us from the inside out? Yet how many of us really pay attention to our breathing? We provide 3 different types of breath-work for you to try and feel the power of breath on your body. You can do these exercises with your baby in your arms and you will be surprised at how they respond to your body’s relaxed state whilst you do it.


Our Movement pillar is all about connecting back to your body, restorative movement and low impact exercises to heal the body from the inside out. It links movement with mental health, empowering you to become aware of your body and honouring its beauty postpartum. This is not about weight-loss but healing the body and mind through restorative movement that lays the physical foundation to build your strength slowly.

We fundamentally disagree with the current mindset that you do no exercise until the 6 week check and are then signed off to do whatever you want.  We also believe that postpartum exercise has been distorted to create a 'bounce back' culture that is damaging physically and emotionally to a new mother. This also creates a stressful relationship with exercise which is counterproductive. Our Movement pillar provides low impact exercises that encourages you to tune into that amazing body of yours and heal from the inside out.



Our nutritionist Jess provides delicious, nourishing meals, snacks and smoothies that are quick to make but rich in the nutrients you need postpartum. We provide recipe cards that you can put on your fridge or send to friends and family to make for you. We also provide a nutrition FAQ  to make searching for the right answers easy and simple to do without going down a Google rabbit hole!

Did you know that labour burns 100 calories an hour? And that the process of pregnancy and birth can deplete the mother's body of vital nutrients to ensure your baby's health?

Food provides and fuel your body needs to recover, replenish and restore post birth. The right nutrition postpartum is vital for your physical and emotional recovery and your long-term energy levels throughout the lifetime of parenthood. Laying the right foundations in those early days can have a remarkable effect on your recovery in the months and years ahead. However, it is hard to find the right answers when there is so much information on the internet. Our FAQ section gives you all the information you need from a qualified nutritionist so you have everything you need in one place. It can also hard to summon the energy to cook healthy meals when you are exhausted and focussing on your baby. Our recipes have been new-mum approved for their ease and nutritional content but can also be passed on to friends and family to make for you.



When a professional athlete injures themselves they get a structured recovery programme; when mothers give birth they leave hospital with their beautiful baby but little else to support their own healing. 

Our recovery pillar provides you with the information you need; how to sit, how to go to the toilet (believe me, this is crucial!), how to support your body after an abdominal and vaginal birth and how to begin your recovery journey. We also provide exercises from our expert women's health physio to protect, stabilise and, finally, rehabilitate. 

But it isn’t just physical recovery; we also provide emotional recovery too. Whether you suffered with pregnancy insomnia, experienced birth trauma or are finding the adjustment to motherhood difficult, we are here to help. 

We provide techniques that can help you release trapped emotion, relax the body and calm the mind. Our reflexology and EFT videos are accessible at any time you feel you need them. Furthermore, our live sessions will provide you with an opportunity to ask personal (anonymous if preferred) questions to the team.



As mothers we rarely get time to reflect on who we are and what we are doing postpartum. But as Linda Finlay describes, reflective practice is ‘learning through and from experience towards gaining new insights of self and practice’. Reflection leads to self awareness, evaluation leads to evolution, and writing leads to creative release. 

Reflective practice works both ways; thinking retrospectively about your birth or even just your day,  and as a strategy for planning for the future. So, with this in mind, a daily reflective practice can teach you about yourself, your baby and lay the emotional foundation for a lifetime of parenthood. 

Our reflective practice takes form in writing down past experience, daily gratitudes and planning for the future. Our doula Thando teaches you how to plan for your postpartum period and how to create compassionate boundaries to protect your and your baby’s health. Meg also teaches you how to journal so you can express your feelings safely and release them from your mind. And we also have an eye-opening conversation with our GP Beth about the 6 week check, empowering you to make it work for you and your baby.