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Podcast with MyWellnessPie

I recorded a podcast with the lovely Monika from MyWellnessPie.

You can listen on iTunes or Monika’s website.

Hope you enjoy it!

As a reflexologist, Meg Murray Jones has helped many women through periods of stress, trauma, and imbalance, but found that the time women most needed her support was just after birth. Yet, this was often when many clients ceased treatment as all their energy and love was focused on their baby. Meg would then be called upon around six months postpartum to help new mums treat a host of issues, including burnout, PTSD, insomnia, and other more severe emotional and physical problems.

Because of this, Meg founded the Postpartum Plan – a holistic online program laying the emotional and physical foundations for a lifetime of parenthood. Meg has gathered all the experts that she believes we should all have access to postpartum: women’s physiotherapists, breath-work, yoga, and pilates instructors, nutritionist, postpartum doulas, GPs etc. It is a powerhouse of all things postpartum to support women and their partners in navigating through early parenthood.

She joins me to talk about how to prepare for postpartum and we delve into:

-How our bodies and brains change in the fourth-trimester

-What your baby actually needs in the first four weeks of their life

-How society gets the fourth trimester wrong but what we can do about it

-The role of the father or partner in postpartum

-How you can support your friends, family in their postpartum period

-How to approach postpartum body image

-Plus much more.