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Thando Zwane

I learnt the art of Mothering the new Mother from my Gogo (Zulu word for GrandMother) and the women in my family. As a baby is born so is a Mother born too. Both equally in need of nourishment and rest. 

A new Mum emerges from birth into a space of being undisturbed and still with nothing to do but to just be; to be in awe of her body, to be fed healing food, to receive all the help that she wants, to pause as she and her baby learn and enjoy each other. The nurturing that they both receive during this time will stay with them for the rest of their lives. 

This type of emergence into Motherhood is a birthright for Mothers in all parts of the world and my aim is that PPP brings some of this sacredness into your journey too. You deserve it. 

Thando Zwane

Birthkeeper: Birth and Postnatal Doula

Hypnobirthing teacher 

Birth Preparation Educator 

Doula Mentor