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Meg Murray Jones

Reflexology has always been part of my life. My Great Aunt was a reflexologist, as was my mother, using the practice to calm my digestive and stress related symptoms from an early age; this inspired me to provide the same nurturing treatments to others. I have always loved to care for people and develop rich and healing relationships with those around me. I am passionate about looking at the person – not just the feet – to gain a better understanding of the treatment required.

Through my reflexology practice I have helped women through stress, trauma and imbalance. But I found the time when women needed support the most was postpartum; yet this was the time that my clients stopped having treatments because all their energy and love went to their baby. I was then called in 6 months postpartum to treat a host of issues including burn out, PTSD, insomnia and some more serious emotional and physical issues.

So Postpartum Plan was born. A holistic online programme laying the emotional and physical foundations for a lifetime of parenthood. I have gathered all the expertise that I believe we should all have access to postpartum; women’s physio, breath work, nutritionist, emotional freedom techniques, postpartum doula and more. Plus I will be teaching you reflexology techniques to do on yourself to relax, restore and replenish you in times of need.