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Jessica Childs

Jess is a Nutritional Therapist and Mum to two boys.  She is passionate about the remarkable impact good nutrition can have on peoples’ daily lives, and she loves working with families to make positive changes for better health.   

Jess has worked for a global cycling company,, for a few years supporting athletes of differing abilities and health achieve their goals.  She also has a keen interest in kids nutrition and delivers workshops for Mums of little ones, as well as holding private consultations with families. With all clients, her aim is to make good nutrition easy and effective, often by creating personalised plans to address the root cause of health issues.  She can advise on all aspects of nutrition, supplements and functional testing.  

Jess’s role at PostpartumPlan is making sure Mums have the best guidance to support their transition into motherhood; the mental and physical demands on the body are huge, and the ‘fuel’ we use to get through this can have a significant impact on longer term health and wellbeing.  

As part of the programme, she provides tips on how to nourish our bodies for optimal healing and replenishment, balance energy and mood, and support hormone and mental health.  As a Mum herself, Jess’s guidance is easy to follow with yummy tried and tested recipes.