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December lives: 

Thursday 7th, 11am: 20 minute breath and meditation session with Meg.

Thursday 14th, 12pm: reflexology techniques to heal and calm the body during the holiday season.

Monday 18th, 12pm: Final live of the year: reflections on 2023 with our women's circle.

Password: PPP

Link to join lives here.

Lives are recorded and placed in the Foundation PLUS pillar so you can watch/ listen in your own time. For anyone who has had their 6 - 8 week GP sign off, just a reminder that we have Postpartum Plus for increased MOVEMENT content. You will see the Plus dashboard at the top of this page.

For our international members please note for the lives:

  • Queensland, Oz: 10 hours ahead
  • UAE: 4 hours ahead
  • Germany: 1 hour ahead
  • Singapore: 8 hours ahead
  • Netherlands: 1 hour ahead
  • USA EST: 5 hours behind

Big love to you.


Any questions get in touch at hello@postpartumplan.co.uk

How are you feeling today?


BABY 101 – Mummy Mayday gives her top tips for newborn babies and beyond

Jackie AKA Mummy Mayday gives her top tips on the early days, feeding, winding and tips for 'routines' in whatever form that takes. This is the podcast I wish I had heard when I had my babies! Muslins mentioned are Aden + Anais security muslin on Amazon.

Duration: 36:00


Your Postpartum Plan programme

Supporting you with a programme template you can follow or create yourself, pre-birth or after; it is never too late to set your boundaries. This document is printable.

PODCAST: Why do I need a Postpartum Plan?

Listen to our doula Thando explain why a Postpartum Plan is so important and how to prepare for your postpartum period.

Duration: 29:34

Creating your own Postpartum Plan

How to create your own Postpartum Plan using your personal workbook. This was intended to be a podcast but Thando shows some examples that are better seen!

Duration: 48:29


Postpartum Plan workbook

To be completed alongside or after the Podcast: Creating your own Postpartum Plan. This document gives you the key pointers to create a Postpartum Plan that really works for you. You can create it and use it pre-birth and beyond.

Introduction to breath-work

Why breath-work is so important for healing postpartum and how you can start to use your breathing to heal from the inside out.

Duration: 8:14




A really important conversation about redefining motherhood with our life and positive mindset coach. This podcast supports our Mothering My Way workbook.

Duration: 23:30



How can we mother in the way we want when society, Instagram and our own past trauma can get in the way? This workbook empowers you to carve your own amazing path. To work on with the podcast, with your partner or on your own.


PODCAST: What is normal postpartum?

Tricia Murray reassures you on what is normal postpartum, and when you should seek medical advice.

Duration: 31:53


PODCAST: Finding the U in mum

Tricia explains the importance of self-care postpartum, for you and baby.

Duration: 36:18


Introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Understand why Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping is so effective and valuable postpartum.

Duration: 10:50

Gentle script for difficult experiences

Tricia guides you through an EFT tapping script to help overcome difficult experiences. Use this whenever you need support or to release something that is troubling you.

Duration: 05:26

Gentle Script for Postpartum Overwhelm

Tricia guides you through EFT techniques to deal with postpartum overwhelm. Use this video whenever you feel you need it.

Duration: 4:29

Breath practice 1

Full yogic breath to heal from inside out.

Duration: 12:33

Breath practice 2

Emma guides you through Protective egg breath and how it can help you to relax.

Duration: 11:10

Breath practice 3

Emma guides you through the third breath exercise: Brahmari breath to heal and relax you.

Duration: 10:36

Live EFT masterclass with Tricia

Our recent live with Tricia hosting a live EFT session. You will feel more free and emotionally peaceful after this.

Duration: 55:28


Restorative movement

Restorative yoga to heal from the inside out.

Duration: 26:12

Connecting back to your body Part 1

Re-connecting to your body postpartum.

Duration: 17:41

Connecting back to your body Part 2

Gemma guides you through your second video to connect back to your body postpartum.

Duration: 17:25

Connecting back to your body Live

Gentle yet effective live session with Gemma to re-connect to your amazing body, heal and move.

Duration: 37:34


Dietary Preference:


We discuss how to prep your meals, why snacks should be 'mini meals', how to eat when you are exhausted and the joy of cottage cheese!

Duration: 30:16

Comfort food cottage pie

Comfort food made easy AND full of nutrients to support you postpartum. Enjoy!

Shopping List

Print this shopping list out for easy access when you do your shop, or send it to friends to do the shop for you!


Nutrition FAQs

All the answers you need to the nutrition questions you may have, so you don't have to spend hours on Google.

Nutrition live masterclass

Jess answers your nutrition questions.

Duration: 37:44

Sweet Potato & Chickpea Curry

Sweet Potato Fish Pie

Healthy Snack Ideas

A list of easy, go-to snacks

Apricot & Chocolate Cookies


With vegan option

Easy Nourishing Soups

Pear & Coconut Overnight Oats

Nourishing Smoothies


A BRILLIANT and very informative live Q&A with Alice from Equi London about all things nutrition postpartum. So much knowledge in less than 60 minutes!

Duration: 53:23


Yoga nidra to relax

Yoga nidra is nourishing relaxation to heal and restore. Take time for you.

Duration: 32:22


An inspiring and empowering conversation with Hattie Haslem Greene about the hidden power of our bodies and how we are stronger than society lets us believe.

Duration: 30:16


An absolute must watch to understand such an important topic that affects so many postpartum women. To be educated is to be empowered.

Duration: 26:13

Abdominal birth recovery

Abdominal recovery and exercises to aid your healing postpartum.

Duration: 10:30

Vaginal birth recovery

Recovery and exercises for vaginal birth to help you heal and strengthen.

Duration: 12:43



Your first step to recovery postpartum with our physio Megan, with information on how to sit, feed and lie properly - simple yet incredibly important!

Duration: 15:14

Protect exercises

Protect exercises to start your recovery postpartum, to strengthen from the inside out.

Duration: 06:03


Part 2 of the recovery programme, with exercises to build on your Protect work.

Duration: 26:53


Part 3 of your recovery with exercises to help you strengthen and rehabilitate. Exercises you can take with you in the months ahead to make you feel strong and stable.

Duration: 19:45

BONUS breath-work class

A powerfully healing breath-work class that can be done with your baby or on your own.

Duration: 36:00

Pelvic floor masterclass with Megan LIVE

Brilliant anatomy and exercise masterclass to help you locate and really work your pelvic floor.

Duration: 38:25

Live Q&A with Clare Bourne physio and pelvic floor specialist

Your questions answered by a brilliant physio who provides great tips and techniques to help you recover.

Duration: 30:28

Diastasis recti masterclass with OoberMama

Diastasis recti presentation to give you a better understanding of abdominal separation and what you can do about it.

Duration: 50:26




A brilliant session on burn out, what it is and how to prevent it with Gaby's proven 6 top tips.

Duration: 56:56


Newborn Sleep Guide from our sleep coach Katie

An informative and empowering guide to baby's sleep from newborn to 12 months. Hope that this is reassuring and useful, at any baby stage.


Introduction to journaling

Why journaling is so valuable postpartum and how to get started.

Duration: 06:08

Relaxation and positive affirmations audio

Use this audio to relax, replenish and restore whenever you need it. Music courtesy of bensound.com.

Duration: 11:55

PODCAST: Understanding your 6 week check with our GP

Dr Beth explains how to make the most of your 6 week check and build a relationship with your GP.

Duration: 33:37