Gift Postpartum Plan to your employees

You can be a business that is recognised to understand and support new parents on their journey postpartum. 

Give your employees the gift of physical and emotional support post-birth with our Postpartum Plan. This will not only support their recovery, restoration and replenishment  in the early days but also support their mental and physical health for the years to come. 

Postpartum Plan can be gifted to an expectant parent or the partner. They will receive:  

Postpartum Plan: your personal dashboard full of videos, podcasts and written content from our experts.

  • Women’s Health Physio with exercises to help you heal, stabilise and rehabilitate. Options for abdominal and vaginal birth recovery.
  • Postpartum Doula with a Postpartum workbook exclusively created for Postpartum Plan
  • Yoga and breath-work classes to heal you from the inside out
  • Pilates classes to connect back to your body postpartum (all movements safe pre 6 week check)
  • Nutritionist approved recipes and information on the best food to eat postpartum. Options for vegetarian and vegan included.
  • Emotional Freedom Technique scripts and videos for you to access at times of need
  • Reflexology techniques to support your body’s own self-healing process
  • Podcast with a GP to teach you about the 6 week check and empower you to make that appointment work for you.

Postpartum Toolbox: a box of goodies sent to your door with everything you need to support you emotionally and physically postpartum. 

This includes:

  • A massage ball
  • Pilates ball
  • Book ‘Stronger’ by our physio Megan Vickers on healing postpartum
  • Journal
  • Recipe cards
  • Items from other like-minded brands including The Gut Stuff, Tiggy and Bo and HotTeaMama

Postpartum Village: access to a support team including:

  • Our weekly live sessions with our experts and special guests
  • The private Facebook Group to meet other like-minded mamas
  • Weekly newsletter with further support.

Get in touch to discuss our Corporate offer and how you can help your team lay the emotional and physical foundation for a lifetime of parenthood.