Postpartum Plan is available as a corporate employee benefit. Emotional and physical challenges faced by parents have a major impact on wellbeing, absenteeism and work/productivity outcomes, including mental wellness, physical issues, energy levels. Postpartum Plan allows companies to gift our membership to employees going on maternity, adoption and paternity leave, supporting emotional and physical recovery through the Fourth Trimester all the way to the return to work.

Over 1/3 of mothers find it 'harder than expected' to return to work after maternity leave.

Source: HR Review

50% of pregnant women will experience lower back pain in pregnancy and, without treatment, 25% of those will be suffering from pain a year after delivery.

Source: Stronger by Megan Vickers

Women who experience medical complications during pregnancy are vulnerable emotionally and physically as they return to work unless appropriate support is given.

Source: NCBI

It costs over £30,000 to replace a staff member.

Source: HR Review

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100% of members say that Postpartum Plan made them feel more supported during their postpartum period, with 88% saying that it taught them more about their postpartum recovery and health than any other resource.